Our projects

Electrical power transformation substations

Bout-de-l’Île Substation Bout-de-l’Île Substation Siemens Canada Bout-de-L’Île Substation Bout-de-L’Île Substation Siemens Canada “W” Substation “W” Substation CLIFFS Natural ressources Châteauguay Substation – Phase 2 Châteauguay Substation – Phase 2 Hydro-Québec
De l’Érable Substation De l’Érable Substation Elecnor Division Canada Chénier Substation Chénier Substation ABB Chénier Substation Chénier Substation ABB
Chénier Substation – Enlargement Chénier Substation – Enlargement Hydro-Québec Chénier Substation Chénier Substation Hydro-Québec Cooper Mountain Substation Cooper Mountain Substation Hydro-Québec
Outaouais Substation Outaouais Substation ABB Outaouais Substation – Earthwork Outaouais Substation – Earthwork Hydro-Québec Outaouais Substation Outaouais Substation Hydro-Québec Jules A. Brillant Substation Jules A. Brillant Substation Hydro-Québec
Sainte-Émélie-de-l’Énergie Substation Sainte-Émélie-de-l’Énergie Substation Hydro-Québec Substation Radisson Substation Radisson Hydro-Québec Cleveland substation Cleveland substation Hydro-Quebec Grand-Brûlé Substation Grand-Brûlé Substation Hydro-Québec
Ouimet Substation Ouimet Substation Hydro-Québec Atwater Substation Atwater Substation Hydro-Québec Beauceville-Est Substation Beauceville-Est Substation Hydro-Québec Guy and Viger Substations Guy and Viger Substations Hydro-Québec
Saint-Georges Substation Saint-Georges Substation Hydro-Québec Ste-Anne-des-Plaines Ste-Anne-des-Plaines Hydro-Québec Romaine 3 Substation Romaine 3 Substation Hydro-Québec Bout-de-l'Île Substation Bout-de-l'Île Substation Hydro-Québec
Ste-Anne-des-Plaines substation Ste-Anne-des-Plaines substation Hydro-Québec Boucherville Substation Boucherville Substation Hydro-Québec Langlois / Vaudreuil-Soulanges Substation Langlois / Vaudreuil-Soulanges Substation Hydro-Québec Matane Substation / Matapédia Substation Matane Substation / Matapédia Substation Hydro-Québec
Hemmingford Substation Hemmingford Substation Hydro-Québec Chateauguay Substation Chateauguay Substation Hydro-Québec Larocque Substation Larocque Substation Hydro-Québec Duchesnay Substation Duchesnay Substation Hydro-Québec
Mont-Laurier Substation Mont-Laurier Substation Hydro-Quebec Grand-Portage Substation Grand-Portage Substation Hydro-Quebec Chute Hemmings Substation Chute Hemmings Substation Hydro-Quebec Napierville Substation Napierville Substation Hydro-Quebec
Merrill Substation Merrill Substation Ville de Coaticook St-Patrick Substation St-Patrick Substation Hydro-Quebec St-Chysostome Substation St-Chysostome Substation Hydro-Quebec Baie d'Urfé substation Baie d'Urfé substation Hydro-Québec